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New Hampshire financed purchase closings, cash purchase closings and refinance closings.

Our Story

The founders, Kelley Hamel and Aleah LeBlanc followed their dreams to create a company that is centrally focused around one core principle: providing the best customer service possible to each and every person or referral partner that walks through our door or communicates with one of our teammates.  It’s simple.  Treat others how you’d like to be treated.


They have a combined 22 years of experience in the title and closing industry and throughout that time have been constantly searching for ways to better the process and make the experience better for all involved.  We listen, we learn, we educate, and we are committed to getting it done.   We want to be on YOUR real estate team and get you to the closing table and into your new home!

Our Crew

Partner / Chief Operations Officer


(603) 425-4563 EXT. 101


Our Team's "Quarterback" and strategist. Kelley is a key component in the process who coordinates closings with all vendors involved and works hand in hand with our referral partners and customers to ultimately get your transaction to the end zone!

Partner / Chief Marketing & Closing Officer


(603) 689-3821 CELL

(603) 425-4563 EXT. 102


Our Team's senior closer and brand development specialist - our company "cheerleader". Aleah conducts our closings for our customers and assists our referral partners in marketing efforts. She is fast, efficient and tries to make each closing special and memorable!

Administrative Coordinator


(603) 425-4563 EXT. 100


Our team's initial point person! Jenna opens all our title orders and welcomes all of our guests into our office as well as our initial electronic communication. If you call our office, Jenna is usually the friendly voice you hear behind the phone. 


"As an agent it is important to connect my clients with the best services throughout the transaction to make sure they are comfortable and informed. The closing is the last step and you want your buyers and sellers leaving excited for the huge decisions they have just made. With Aleah you always get the best experience and everyone always leaves happy regardless of what has gone on to get to the closing table. With Kelley, there is never a question unanswered or problem not solved. This duo is the best in the business and I wouldn't send my clients anywhere else."


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